Villa Skomanda

among lakes and forests

In order to ensure the safety of everyone at Villa Skomanda, we work in accordance with the principles of the sanitary regime. Check what procedures we have implemented for your safety.

Villa Skomanda is situated in a picturesque part of Augustów city, close to the Augustów Primeval Forest and the Augustów Canal. This is an ideal place for those who prefer active, but comfortable and peaceful leisure, for nature lovers and for those seeking for unforgettable adventures.

Enthusiasts of kayaking tours, cycling and sightseeing will enjoy the endless possibilities of this magnificent place – picturesque views, pure water, relaxing pine and spruce forests, unspoilt nature and wildlife. All of these will guarantee an unforgettable vacation (in both summer and winter!).

Here you can always feel a friendly atmosphere and taste some traditional cuisine!


Villa Skomanda from Augustów, among lakes and forests
ul. Konwaliowa 2
Augustów 16-300, Polska

+48 87 643 43 99

+48 605 153 375