We warmly invite you to organize business meetings, family and friends get-togethers.

Our barbeque sheltered area, surrounded by the beautiful scenery, is a perfect place for grill-feasts, bonfire parties and some outdoor events.

It can hold up to 60 people; enclosed by two walls and well-lit.

We can provide musical settings – accordionist, guitarist, DJ, music band.

In order to make the event even more attractive you can try sleigh or carriage rides in Augustów Primeval Forest, paintball or archery tournaments. You can also combine the meeting with a bath in the nearby wood-burning sauna.

We guarantee a good time and great memories!

Bryczki po Puszczy Augustowskiej. Villa Skomanda
Wakacje nad jeziorami - domek letniskowy Villa Skomanda w Augustowie
Biesiady pod wiatą grill, ognisko w Villi Skomanda w Augustowie
Ognisko biesiada Skomanda Augustów
Biesiada w saunie w Villi Skomanda w Augustowie
Kartacze Villa Skomanda w Augustowie


Villa Skomanda from Augustów, among lakes and forests
ul. Konwaliowa 2
Augustów 16-300, Polska


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